Rhode Isand

Many thanks for your excellent work on our new organ yesterday. You are extremely talented and we are very fortunate to have had you as our Allen Representative. You have been a blessing to us and an answer to our prayers.

Your work voicing our instrument was amazing, and very thorough. You painstakingly went through stop after stop and would work on the sound of each stop until it was satisfactory to your ears. This took hours and you continued to patiently do your work and answer questions as time went on.

I appreciate how patient you are explaining all the different aspects of this instrument. Your ability to play, layering sound after sound is beautiful and I was inspired by listening and watching you play all the different options for solo and accompaniment on this instrument. You are much more than a sales representative; you are genuinely caring and a patient teacher. I broke my wrist 5 months ago and at one of the workshops that you hosted, you showed me an exercise to help stretch my fingers and this exercise has been very helpful in my recovery.

Your work is fabulous. We are so happy with our new Allen Organ and a big part of that is your professionalism, knowledge of the instrument, and your positive Christian attitude of caring and helpfulness. We are blessed at our church with this instrument and Allen Organ Company is blessed to have you working for them.

Thank you and God Bless You.

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