Rhode Island Episcopal Church – Bravura L-229DK – Installed November, 2016

I had a blast preparing for Sunday — trying to give the parishioners a glimpse of the organ’s vast tonal palette. It was such a thrill to hear the positive response of the congregation and choir in their exuberant hymn-singing. You did such a masterful job in voicing the instrument and installing the speakers to fill the space with both rich and warm sounds as well as bright and vibrant ones.

The space itself is so beautiful, not only because of the light from the revealed window, but also because we were able to preserve the aesthetics of the cases and pipes from the old organ. The Pastor captured the heart of the project when he coined the phrase “transforming our music and our space.”

It has been such a pleasure working with you. What a gift at this stage of my career to have an opportunity to make music on this instrument. We have all been blessed and will continue to be blessed by the experience.

Bravura L-229DK – Installed November, 2016

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