Roger Dame

I’m an electrical engineer in the computer industry with 44 years of experience. While at college, I had apprenticed with a few organ builders here in the north east and continued for many years during my vacations after starting my full time job. Everyone thought I was a bit odd having both an electronic and a pipe organ in my home. My usual answer was “I’m and engineer….”.  I had bought every brand you can imagine except Allen, till now.  I also had evolved from mainly classical (all my musical training) to theatre  after hearing George Wright. Well the tracker had to go and a WurliTzer replaced it (I’m sure my organ teacher is turning in his grave!). I’m including a shot of both organs in my music room.

Let’s get back to the Q315E. It started off as a Q315T and I had it expanded to a Q315E and most recently upgraded  with the Vista Navigator. First the sound, I can hop to either console with each having the same registration and it’s very difficult to tell which is which. The Allen sound is truly amazing! I had also purchased the Dove software and found the voicing controls like voicing real organ pipes (which I’ve done). This is an incredible feature.  When the technicians came to do the upgrades, I had the opportunity to inspect the electrical design. Needless to say I had done this with all other brands I had bought in the past. Allen’s quality is on par with high end super computers and servers!  A lot of effort went into reliability and reduction in complexity (higher reliability, lower cost and longer MTBF). In particular, your use of a serial bus on the stop key controls reducing a massive amount of wiring that would be required using say Syndyne actions we typically use on pipe organs.  The overall feel of the console…. one word, solid! Overall I’m absolutely delighted with this purchase.

One last note: my rep Greg has been great to work with. No pressure, understood what I was trying to accomplish and very professional….. I will be a returning customer!

Thank you and all who work at Allen for making such a wonderful instrument.

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